The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

Fairbanks, Alaska

When visiting Fairbanks, expect beautiful scenery and landscapes, the Northern Lights, plenty of bear sightings in the spring, and delicious, locally-sourced food. 

Hawaii, US

Check into the Royal Kona Resort for a modern, but simplistic feel, with terraces overlooking the beach.

Louisville, Kentucky

There's nothing quite like visiting the south to indulge in some truly special Southern cuisine and of course, plenty of bourbon. 

Miami, US

otek Aventura - Mediterranean Cafe & Restaurant has impressive Israeli cuisine with the softest pitas, dips and spreads, salads, halloumi and lamb shawarma.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is the place to go if you love wine and food pairings. Honeymooners will want to stay at Hotel Yountville for its beautiful spa and pool overlooking the courtyard.

New England, US

Home to some of the best lobster, clams, and briny oysters, there are numerous towns to visit up and down the coast. 

New York, New York

You could discover hole in the wall, incredible places like Mr. Sun for peking duck or explore dumpling spots in Chinatown. 

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