Snack You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Flamin' Doritos

Whether you consume them alone after a night out or with companions, they will be the perfect pick-me-up.

You need a snack that carries as much of a fiery punch as Flamin' Hot Doritos.

Taurus: Frosted Crackers

Animal crackers with frosting are excellent for a dose of nostalgia and a quick sugar fix.

But you can never go wrong with a treat that reminds you of simpler times.

Gemini: Cheddar Popcorn

Therefore, you need a refreshment that everyone can enjoy together while you continue the conversation. 

Because of this, white cheddar popcorn is ideal for you and your closest companions.

Cancer: Rice Krispies Treats

These ooey-gooey treats require a few minutes of preparation (or, we won't tell if you buy them premade!

Rice Krispies Treats the next time you're in need of a mood-boosting snack?

Leo: Chex Mix

Chex Mix at your next party will make you the center of attention for more than one reason.

You enjoy making a large impression, so you need a snack that has a little bit of everything but is still.

Libra: Chocolate- Pretzels

Pretzels covered in chocolate are briny, sweet, and extremely satisfying. What more could you possibly want?

And because Libras appreciate harmony and equilibrium, your ideal snack will hit all the correct notes. 

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