Pisces Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign


Pisces could learn to be more direct from Aries, but both know the deeper intuition that guides the fish, that opens the door to magic and serendipity.


You create a bubble of laughter, music, and unforgettable memories. You’re both deeply sensitive and know we live in a world of infinite, magical possibilities. 


Pisces’ love is unconditional and deep, but they’re a slippery catch. Gemini’s charm gets Pisces, hook, line, and sinker! 


Cancer helps Pisces get out of their heads and have fun when the world seems too overwhelming.


You learn a lot from each other, help each other grow, evolve, and enjoy life. It’s hard to keep a secret between Pisces and Leo. 


Pisces is a supportive, sensitive friend who has your back. Virgo is the caring friend who will bring you soup and cheer. 


Libra helps Pisces find their sea legs when life gets out of balance, and Pisces’ friendship is deeply healing to Libra. 


You flow well, but if you hit a bumpy patch, avoid assumptions, projections, and stubbornness, and hash things out.


You share many laughs and good times with unforgettable memories! Above all, you share a spiritual bond. 


There’s a lot of empathy in this relationships, and patience is what will help you overcome rocky times.


Pisces inspires Aquarius with what’s possible when one dares to dream. If you butt heads, Aquarius can learn to listen better, and Pisces can learn to be more vocal.


If there’s a misunderstanding, be patient, open-minded, mature. Speak, and really listen! When you let go of beliefs, you can learn the truth.

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