Great Food Combos for Losing Weight

Avocado and Dark Leafy Greens

Low in calories and rich in nutrients, a spinach or kale salad can leave you wanting more.

Chicken and Cayenne Pepper

Chicken breasts are well-known for their weight loss benefits, and for good reason.

Oatmeal and Walnuts

A simple method to lose weight is to consume coarse foods. Simply consuming more fiber can result in weight loss,

Eggs, Black Beans, and Peppers

The double dose of fiber provided by the black beans and peppers makes this breakfast even more substantial.

Bean and Vegetable Soup

The high protein and fiber content of legumes, such as chickpeas and black beans, can give it more staying power.

Steak and Broccoli

Broccoli is the ideal side dish because vitamin C aids in iron absorption. A half-cup of this vegetable contains 65 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement.

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