Epsom Salt Bath For Losing Weight

How Does Epsom Salt Help You To Lose Weight

A British biochemist at the University of Birmingham, Rosemary Waring found out that sulfate and magnesium are absorbed into the skin during the Epsom bath.

The levels of these two minerals in the blood increase after you soak in the bath for some time, and they start their work of eliminating environmental toxins from the body.

They simultaneously also heal various other ailments of the skin, thereby making you feel relaxed and de-stressed.

How To Make Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

You can make an Epsom salt bath by adding 400-500 grams of Epsom salt to a warm water bath.

Do not add too much salt as it will not reduce more weight. The Epsom salt bath works best when used in the right amount.

Steps For Making Epsom Salt Bath

During the initial days, start by adding one tablespoon of Epsom salt to your bath. Gradually increase the quantity of the Epsom salt to two cups per bath. Stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes to let the salt get absorbed. Do not stay longer than 20 minutes.

Epsom salt bath for weight loss

There is a difference of opinion when it comes to the frequency of taking an Epsom salt bath. Some believe that for rapid weight loss, you must take this bath every day. 

Types Of Epsom Salt Baths

A. Ginger And Epsom Salt B. Baking Soda And Epsom Salt C. Apple Cider Vinegar And Epsom Salt D. Epsom Salt And Essential Oils 5. Detoxifying And Rejuvenating

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