Ditch crash diet! Switch to these 5 summer foods for weight loss

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are high in protein and low in calories food. They make an ideal weight-loss snack. 

Since eggs reduce hunger and keep you full for a longer period of time, it’s best to consume them in breakfast and kickstart your weight loss. 


Contrary to popular belief, smoothies are actually a great weight loss because of their low-calorie, high-fiber, and healthy fat content. 

These can be made with a variety of fruits, veggies, and other ingredients for a delectable and healthy snack. 

We’re suggesting you try the banana almond smoothie, this will also quench your summer thirst.

Roasted chickpeas

Another healthy snack for weight reduction is roasted chickpeas because they are low in calories,

high in protein, fiber, good fats, and low in glycemic index.


Consuming broccoli may improve weight loss. Broccoli’s low-calorie and high-fiber content can help you feel full and satisfied for longer.

Our daily calorie intake may be decreased as a result, supporting your efforts to lose weight. 

Plus, the high iron, vitamin C and antioxidants present in it boosts energy levels and improves immunity as well.

Detox drinks

Apples, beetroot, and carrots can be combined to create a detox beverage.

These three ingredients can be combined to create a delicious drink that is high in fiber and low in calories. 

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