Chocolate You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Therefore, this piquant twist on an old favorite is the ideal complement.

Mexican hot chocolate has all the chocolatey warmth and whipped cream you could desire, along with a spicy surprise in every drink.

Taurus: Chocolate-Strawberries

So a plate of flawlessly ripe strawberries covered in chocolate is your only option. 

They can be dipped in a variety of chocolate flavors and garnished with whatever decadent toppings your heart desires.

Gemini: Chocolate Truffles

 A box of assorted chocolate truffles will satiate all of your tastes and ensure that you never have to choose.

It is also ideal for sharing with others, a must for the social butterfly zodiac sign.

Cancer: Chip Cookies

You enjoy simple, sweet items, and it's not a bad thing if they remind you of your childhood. 

And while there are numerous dishes that suit the bill, nothing is as consistently delicious as a plate.

Leo: Chocolate Dome Dessert

Pour the hot chocolate sauce on top, break open the crust, and reach the warm, gooey interior.

And don't neglect to order this with a side of ice cream and a few extra spoons!

Virgo: Chocolate Mousse

This tasty delight is made with only a few simple ingredients, but every bite is packed with flavor.

It is low in calories and provides vitamins such as A and C. It has a low glycemic load and that’s why you can include it even when trying to lose weight. 

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