Aries Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign


First, there's an attraction that's sudden, hot, and dynamic, but it's often too hot and confrontational to handle. 


Different Ideas About How Life Should Be Here's the thing with you and Taurus, Aries. You're both pretty stubborn, but about different things. 


There's a natural attraction that draws you to one another, and once hooked up, an Aries can't live without Gemini any more than fire can survive without air.


Your capacity for independence, adventure, and calling it like it is could be a little much for sensitive, introverted Cancer.


Leo is a social diva, and you're a gadabout. You both love the great outdoors and are enthusiastic about life. 


You're a fast burner while Virgo favors a slow burn. You're adventurous. Virgo is meticulous. 


You and a Libra are like sex magnets to one another. When you unite, you reveal the "opposites attract" nature of soulmate relationships. 


If the opportunity arises, as long as you both know going in that a long-term relationship is going to be challenging, this one might be worth trying out anyway.


The chemistry between you is mind-blowing, and it's safe to say that the time you spend together will never be boring.


This can either bring balance or a total mismatch, depending on how you handle it. So with a Capricorn, never say never, but there are some challenges.


You both love to try new things, and you each and places a high value on your independence. 


Pisces tend to be dreamy and romantic. They often have traditional ideals about relationships, something that you usually don't share.

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