Secret Superfoods For Weight Loss

1 Black Sapote

Black sapote, also known as the "chocolate pudding fruit," tastes like... chocolate pudding. 

130 calories and 191 mg of vitamin C, or twice that of an orange.

2 Teff

Teff has been dubbed the next big thing in grains, with some dubbing it "the new quinoa.

All of this fiber and protein contributes to a crucial aspect of your weight loss efforts: appetite control.

3 Kamut

A serving of half a cup contains 30% more protein than conventional wheat (six grams) and only 140 calories.

With the popularity of primordial grains, this grain will compete with quinoa and teff.

4 Longans

These translucent fruits that resemble lychees taste like grapes and pears.

A 100-gram serving contains 140 percent of the daily value for vitamin C, 60 calories.

5 Pu-erh Tea

This Chinese fermented tea can literally reduce the size of adipose cells. 

Chinese researchers divided rodents into five groups and fed them different diets.

6 Dulse

The most convenient form of seaweed is dulse, despite the fact that it is a nutrient. 

It is a type of edible seaweed that is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals, particularly iodine.

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