8 Expert Tips for Healthy Hair This Autumn

Tap Into Texture

Autumn apparel is all about woven and knit textural elements. Extending that texture to your hair this season. 

Go Heatless and Wake Up to Waves

Skip the hot tools and score heatless curls as you sleep.

Use Rollers to Amplify Volume 

You can also elevate the full-bodied, voluminous look using a classic styling trick: Volumizing Velcro rollers. 

Avoid Overwashing Your Hair

Mist dry shampoo on the inside of your hat or shower cap to give your hair a much-needed reset in between washes. 

Opt for Accessories

Hair accessories are also big this fall, so stock up on headbands, bows and fun clips.

Cleanse and Condition With Extra TLC

Just like your skincare routine has needs that vary each season, so does your hair! 

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