6 Healthy Snacks for When You Crave Something Sweet

Chia pudding

A simple snack you can whip up (or buy at the store) is chia pudding.

This gel-like pudding is comprised of delicious chia seeds that are packed with antioxidants along with essential nutrients and macronutrients.

Frozen grapes

If you love frozen goodies, this is an easy hack to curb that sweet tooth. 

Wash fresh grapes and pat dry with a paper towel. Place in a small rimmed baking sheet and freeze for at least four hours.

Frozen Greek yogurt

Another way to curb those cravings for indulgent frozen sweets is to stick your single servings of Greek yogurt in the freezer. 

When the craving for frozen yogurt or even ice cream strikes, head to your own freezer, grab a spoon, and enjoy!

A protein-packed smoothie

A cooling smoothie made from fruit, Greek yogurt, 100% juice or skim milk, and protein powder can help curb you sweet tooth.

Plus, the protein from the powder and Greek yogurt can help keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Balls or bites

These portion controlled snack bites can help curb sweet cravings in a flash.

You can find a few healthy energy ball or bite recipes and meal prep them for the week.

Homemade trail mix

DIY trail mix can take less than five minutes to toss together, and can help satisfy those who love their sweet and savory all in one. 

Dividing into individual portions help keep calories in check and make it easy to grab-and-go from your pantry.

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