6 Haircuts That Make Thin Hair Look So Much Thicker

Blunt Mid-Length Cut

If you want to maintain long hair, Maciques recommends keeping it at or above a mid-chest length since hair tends to thin itself out as it grows past this point. 

There are different densities of fine hair that contribute to what you can or cannot do, but a blunt cut is typically best if you are going to grow it long.

Long, Layered Pixie

For a fuss-free shorter cut, Maciques says a pixie is your best bet.

Think Michelle Williams or Mia Farrow in the classic film, Rosemary's Baby. It's a great way to camouflage fine hair.

Curtain Bangs

A fringe works well with your hair type. 

Bangs create a distraction by diverting the eye. It gives fullness to the front where the eye automatically goes at first glance and instinctively.

Asymmetric Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a great way to add texture and body to fine hair. 

A layered, graduated bob is also a great option — it's playful and puts the texture at its best potential since layering at this length now works to give movement to the hair.

Blunt Bob With Bangs

The blunt lob or bob, aka one of the most popular haircuts of the past few years, is flattering for fine hair, too.

It's not about adding layers for volume but, on the contrary, it's more about keeping the bottom looking dense and therefore seeming thicker.

Beachy Waves

Regardless of your hair length, a loose, beachy wave style is a simple way to add body to fine hair.

While a curling wand will help you achieve this look, a flat iron or wave wand are great options for anyone who ends up doing arm gymnastics while using hot tools.

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