6 Bedtime Drinks That Can Boost Weight Loss Overnight

Greek yogurt protein shake

Eating protein before bed, especially if you've worked out, stimulates muscle protein synthesis while you sleep.

Protein from dairy is comforting, especially for kids. Did your mum give you warm milk to go asleep? 

Chamomile tea

Chamomile aids weight loss and glycemic control. Four chamomile components affect carbohydrate digestion and sugar absorption.

A hot cup of chamomile tea will help you relax before night.

Red wine's antioxidant resveratrol can convert extra white fat into energy-burning beige fat. Who wants “beige fat”?

Red wine

For years, researchers thought the body had two forms of fat: white fat, which stores lipids as energy.

Dairy milk is fermented into kefir. Calcium and probiotic bacteria abound in it. 


Kefir tastes bitter and tangy like yogurt, but it's thinner and more like a drink.

Soy has also been extensively examined for heart health. Some researchers believe soy reduces body fat.

Soy-based protein shake

One weight-loss trial found that soy meals reduced weight and cardiometabolic risk without affecting physical function or strength.

All the drinks mentioned have calories, which is an issue. As a calorie-free beverage, water beats out other options. 


More water also promotes restful sleep and reduces daytime tiredness. 

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