12 Best Superfoods To Eat for Weight Loss


Avocados are everywhere from salsas to toasts. This healthy fat adds creaminess to anything it touches. 


Use the blueberry's natural sweetness in place of added syrups in these breakfast options to support weight control.


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that there was a modest weight loss effect when pulses, like lentils, are in the diet.


When used in place of beef, mushrooms can deliver a comparable dose of savory but at a fraction of the calories per ounce. 


Not just for snacking any more, pulverized pistachios make a yummy coating for main dishes.

Chia seeds

This increases fiber intake towards keeping you full and offsetting overeating.


Incorporate cranberries into your next stuffed squash or stuffed bell pepper recipe.


Research consistently hints at adequate fruit and vegetable intake as being associated with lower body weight.


America's favorite cooking companion. Try it freshly minced rather than powdered or jarred.


A 2014 cross-sectional study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that consumers of nutrient-dense vegetables.


Oats contain an impressive four grams of fiber per serving, with half of those grams as soluble fiber to improve satiety to further weight loss.


Broccoli adds bulk to a meal to appear like more food and possibly slow down our eating pace.

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