Sustainability Policy

NGM Blocks Sustainability Policy

At NGM Blocks, we are serious about our business and serious about our responsibilities.

we believe that risk minimization, legal compliance, responsible sourcing and purchasing, together with the continuous improvement of our products and operating methods are fundamental to the way we do business.

This approach is achieved through the following specific policies which are supported by our integrated management systems:

QHEST (Quality, Health, Environment, Safety Sustainably All Together), HR, Purchasing and IT. We promote responsible sourcing to our employees and throughout our supply chain in line with our business values and to ensure the NGM values of Customer Care, Quality and Integrity are maintained.

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Our policies:

  • Safety, Health and Environment
  • Quality
  • Ethical
  • Energy, Water, Waste and Resource Management
  • Transport
  • Employee Training and Competence
  • Community Liaison, Consultation and Complaints

Each NGM Blocks business establishes, monitors and reviews a range of specific targets reflecting the measures against each policy that is appropriate to their business, for inclusion in their business improvement plan, these are reported annually.

To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, NGM businesses have signed up to the following industry initiatives:

  • Sustainable Construction Strategy for the Lebanese Concrete Industries.
  • The Ethical Trading Initiative. NGM Blocks businesses work towards and hold certification to recognised standards as appropriate to their business; these include the ISO 9001:2015.