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For a betters future

New product design and development is always a crucial factor in the survival of NGM Blocks. In the concrete precast industry that is changing very fast, NGM Blocks continually revise its design and range of products.

This is always necessary due to the fierce competition and the evolving preferences of consumers.

A marketing investigation system is driven by the marketing team that puts the customer needs first and produces goods that are known to sell.

A market research is always carried out, which establishes the needs of consumers and the potential niche market of the new product. The development is always technology driven, Research and Development Team is directed toward developing products to meet the unmet needs.

NGM Blocks Research and Development teams was founded in 2016, with the aim of bridging the gap between research and practice in sustainable product development in the company. The team activities include advancing scientific knowledge, disseminating research findings, advocating policies and conducting training.

In near future additional lines – NGM Blocks research and development team is working on the soon production of concrete pre-stressed lintels, advanced retaining wall blocks, hollow core slabs and an advanced ready-mix concrete plant.