NGM Blocks

NGM Blocks

NGM Blocks is one of Lebanon’s leading manufacturers of high-quality precast concrete blocks, which are suitable for use within both commercial and domestic applications.

This includes indoor products such cement material units such as roofing hourdie, hollow blocks, semi-solid blocks, solid blocks, thermally insulated blocks and lintels.

NGM Blocks also produces various concrete paving and interlocking products for outdoor usages like gardens, landscaping, and driveway, as well as water channels, kerbstones, and blocks for retaining wall structures.

All of which can be complemented with other products from our range, including aggregates and cement bags, to create the perfect indoor and outdoor space.

The scale of projects where our products have been successfully used range from major commercial and urban development through to individual homes to commercial drives.

When using our products, you can also access our comprehensive technical support and advice service developed over many years of experience to help ensure the smooth delivery of your project.

In addition, our NGM Blocks Instalment Scheme provides you with total confidence in your project, therefore you can do it yourself or we can do it for you.

In any event, you can be confident that your project will be completed to the highest standard in the market.

NGM Blocks head office and factory are based in the industrial area of Anfeh, Sea Side Road, Koura, North of Lebanon.