Wheel Stopper & Tree Frame

Wheel Stopper 20 x 20 x 70
Height : 20 Cm
Width : 20 Cm
Length : 70 Cm
Approx weight : 63 Kg
Type of the cut : NGM Blocks Standard Cut
Plan size : 20 x 20 x 70 Cm
Tree Frame
Height : 12 Cm
Width : 100 Cm
Length : 100 Cm
Thickness of the concrete side : 12 Cm
Plan size : 100 x 100 Cm

NGM Blocks provides a range of complementary products for roads such wheel stopper. These products showcasing a large set of attractive colour and texture and are designed to be fully compatible with our extensive range of paving products.
In stock, usually our products have a pimpled finish and come in a standard shade of concrete grey.
We can produce wheel stopper fitments to suit most requirements of the roadbuilder. Our pre-cast concrete units are strong and durable and manufactured to strict tolerances.
Wheel stopper are usually placed in parking stalls to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, medians or other restricted areas.
We currently offer one type of wheel stopper, and are 70 cm length, 20 cm in height and 20 cm in depth.

All NGM Blocks products, have been extensively tested and proven to conform to the relevant Lebanese and International Standard(s), where they exist. This is your assurance that they are both safe to use and fit for purpose. While every effort is made to ensure that the colours of our products do not vary, complete colour consistency cannot always be guaranteed