Our New Training Programme to Help Merchants

July 12, 2017

NGM Blocks launch a new training programme to help merchants

The tried and tested interactive programme has been specifically designed to increase in-branch awareness of NGM Blocks product features and help staff across the entire merchant operation to guide customers to the perfect product choice with appropriate, confident advice.

Gerard Massih, the production and sales manager at NGM Blocks, and project manager for the course led an Internal Project Team in designing and implementing the training programme believing that by taking training away from the classroom and into the merchant yard, it can be made more time efficient and personally engaging.

The resulting training programme has been carefully designed to deliver a hands-on approach that has been successful trialled and shown to deliver refreshing, effective and inspirational results, as he further explains:

“Supplying hard products to the market successfully requires the right supporting information to provide merchants with a complete product package – but of course sharing knowledge consumes time.’