what we do

NGM Blocks is a fully automated concrete block manufacturing plant for the production, delivery and application of all kinds of Cement Material Units (CMU), such as roofing hourdies (for ceilings), hollow blocks, semi & solid blocks (for walls) and thermally insulated blocks (with foam or EPS for reducing the buildings running cost from heating & cooling).

NGM Blocks also produces and applies various concrete paving and interlocking products for gardens, landscaping, driveways and patios, as well as water channels, gutters, planters, and kerbstones structures.

NGM Blocks sells and delivers complementary items as well such as gravel aggregates and sand, in addition to cement bags.

NGM Blocks head office and factory are based in the industrial area of Anfeh, Sea Side Road, Koura, in the North of Lebanon, the factory is located on a 20,000 sqm of land.